I would like to show nodes grouped (aggregated?) by taxonomy term like this:

term 1

  • node1
  • node43
  • node34

term 2

  • node23

etc. but I am not seeing such grouping when I enable aggregation. I can get sg similar with table style and group by column but this only works for the current page, not if I have a paged view.

Any tips? What would be the steps to achieve this with aggregation?

Similar question but for D6

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You may want to check out Views Tree module which provides a view style plugin for that. It couples two views by means of an argument, one view would be your term listing, the other - node listing. I have tried to achieve that by aggregation or grouping field, but to no avail - Views is apparently designed so that it can list only one kind of a bundle at a time.

Although, if you don't need to represent entire tree, you could try trying out field style, with taxonomy term field added, and then used as grouping field.


For future reference, I think this recipe is pretty awsome: http://www.drupalgardens.com/documentation/taxonomy/views


if you choose Force using fields under display settings, you are able to add fields and then group by them, still using rendered entity as display !

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