Retrieve a node based on condition:

$query = \Drupal::entityQuery('node')
->condition('type', 'my_content_type')
->condition('title', 'my node title');
$nid = $query->execute();

The result of $nid is the correct node ID but the format is a string, (es: "123")

When I want to load the node by its ID, I write:

$node_id = Node::load($nid);

Doing this, the result I get is NULL because the variable $nid is holding a string (not integer). If I write the code like this:

$node_id = Node::load(123);

I get the node loaded.

How can I convert the variable string ($nid) as an integer ? I tried:

$nid_int = (int) $nid;
$node_id = Node::load($nid_int);

also I tried:

$nid_int = intval($nid);
$node_id = Node::load($nid_int);

But I alwas get result NULL

Thanks for your help

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    The result of your entity query is not a node id but an array of ids. That's why your load doesn't work. There's no problem with using a string node ID in a load. Oct 1, 2020 at 14:28
  • (not 100% sure) but could there be a possibility your query contains more than just one result? So, you might be trying to load multiple nodes in as a parameter. I could be wrong, just a thought. Oct 1, 2020 at 14:28

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the $query->execute(); return an array of key/value like [KEY => nid1]:
if you are sure you have only one node with that tittle you should get the first element of the array it's your nid try with:

 $query = \Drupal::entityQuery('node')
  ->condition('type', 'my_content_type')
  ->condition('title', 'my node title');
$nids = $query->execute();
// Get the nid in the array.
$nid = reset($nids);
$node = Node::load($nid);

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