Using Drupal 7, Views 3.

I am attempting to pass a node reference "department" as first argument via contextual filter. The department has a number of employees, where I would then want a Views glossary to view by employee name by clicking on a letter. That is:

Department is Finance, the Views glossary will allow them to choose all employees with last name start with 'A'. the url will be:

organization/Finance/department/A/staff-listing or in views path, would be organization/%/department/%/staff-listing

I have cloned the glossary view and am able to get the department with employee listing. However when I click on the glossary letter, the url is changed to organization/A/department/%/staff-listing INSTEAD OF organization/Finance/department/A/staff-listing

When I manually enter the URL ../Finance/department/A/staff-listing , I am getting the right results. However, when I click on the letter from the glossary, it goes to the first argument.

I appreciate any advice or thoughts on this.

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I think I know the answer.

I suppose the path to your view without any arguments is "organization".

So first you need to add the contextual filter "department" to the "attachment"-display too. This filter needs to be in first position.


When filter value is not available > check "Provide default value" > type= Raw value from url> Path component= "2" > save this filter.


Still inside "attachment"-display open up contextual filter "Content: Title" and change Display a summary > Base path to "organization/%/department/%/staff-listing".

Hope this helps

  • Thanks! This is exactly what I needed. Thanks for the detailed explanation.
    – Hjones
    Commented May 2, 2012 at 10:58

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