I'm working on a Drupal 8 site which is both sending out emails with Mass Contact and uses the Glossify plugin filters in a different part of the site. However when sending emails using an "email" text format that doesn't include the Glossify filters, the Glossify filter is still being applied to the text sent by the email. It's picking up terms and turning them into a hyperlinks like we have Glossify set up to do. It's strangely not showing up in the "archived" email on the site, but it is showing up in the actual emails that are sent out.

Could there be something misconfigured or is it likely a bug in one of the modules? If it's probably a bug would it be a bug in the Mass Contact or the Glossify module?

I've started to try to look into the code of the modules themselves, but I'm not an expert in Drupal modules so any help would be appreciated.

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