I have inherited a very old, oddly customized Drupal 6 website here http://thomascranelibrary.org/. I would like to create a static copy of the site and send it into retirement, but the 403 error is preventing me from running a wget against it. The landing page reports a 403 Forbidden error and the head title reports Access denied, but the page is still fully accessible. The error does not persist if I log in with an admin account; it only displays for anonymous users. I've verified all file permissions and checked the .htaccess file. I've even poured through individual block permissions and menu permissions. I rebuilt the site permissions using the Drupal rebuild button. I cannot figure out what is causing this problem on only the homepage. I also noticed the Site Search is not working, again, only on the homepage. I disabled the search on the homepage completely and flushed the cache, but the 403 prevailed, so I'm not convinced the two issues are related. Any help is appreciated. Even a way to circumvent the 403 and still create a static copy of the site would be great.

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