I have almost the same problem than Peter, here: Entity reference view depending on other field

I have a contact form with two fields: brand and model. Brand is a taxonomy field and Model en entity reference view field. Model field (autocomplete) should be dependent on brand value: nothing if brand is not selected or only products with the brand field chosen.

I think @Francis Yaconiello gave the right answer but I don't understand the relations and contextual filter in his view. If you see this, Francis, can you help me?


Thank you

  • IIUC you need to build a Views list of Taxonomy sub-terms (Brand second level (children)) with the Contextual Filter for the Brand first level (parents). OTTOMH you create Taxonomy term Type Views Brand Vocabulary, add Relationship for the Parent term (search "parent" in Relationships) Require it because you only need children in results (parents don't have grandparents here so they're excluded), then add Contextual Filter for term ID that is using the Relationship. Configure it to provide Default value Term ID from URL, Load from Term page, Validation criteria Brand term ID Single etc. – prkos Oct 22 '20 at 23:26

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