I'm using drupal 8, in my template I created a file named views-view-unformatted--block-12.html.twig and this is it's content:

<div class="row list">
{% for row in rows %}
    set body = row.content['#row']._entity.get('body').value|striptags|render
    set title = row.content['#row']._entity.get('title').value
      <div class="col-md-3">
        <div class="promotion-slider-item">
          <p class="mb-0">
            <img alt="Title" data-src="/themes/porto/img/abc/maxresdefault.png" class="lazy-load">
          <div class="inner">
            <p class="title mb-1">{{ title }}</p>
            <div class="desc">{{ body|length > 70 ? body|slice(0, 70)|raw ~ '...' : body|raw }}</div>
            <a href="/node/{{row.content['#row']._entity.get('nid').value}}" title="{{row.content['#row']._entity.get('title').value}}" class="btn-read-more"><span class="">Read more</span></a>
          </div> <!-- end .inner -->
        </div> <!-- end .promotion-slider-item -->
    </div> <!-- end .col -->
{% endfor %}

I try to dump(row.field_images) but null and dump(file_url(row.content['#row']._entity.get('field_images').value['0']['target_id'])) but url is /id_sample. How do I fix it?

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I did with this code row.content['#row']._entity.YOUR_FIELD_NAME.entity.fileuri

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