Does anyone know why Drush doesn't recognize the Drupal 7 installation when I run drush cache:clear?

It gives me the following error message.

Command cache-rebuild requires Drupal core version 8+ to run.

drush status and drush -d give me the right root and right configuration.

I installed Drush with composer require "drush/drush": "7.x-dev".

  • What does which drush and drush --version return you? You also should better use Drush 8. composer require drush/drush:^8.0.
    – leymannx
    Nov 4, 2020 at 13:57

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As @leymannx said in the comments you should better use drush 8 since it's the recommended version for a drupal 7 site (https://www.drush.org/install/#drupal-compatibility).

If drush --version returns something else than 7.x-dev it means you're using another drush than the one you think. You can go in your website /web directory and execute ../vendor/bin/drush cc to use the one you installed for this project.

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