On a multilingual site with commerce project I've created a product type while having one language selected as default but now I want to switch it to a different one. On /admin/commerce/config/product-types/producttypemachinename/edit/translate I see what the current original language is oviously but I can't edit it on /admin/commerce/config/product-types/producttypemachinename/edit. Is it ok if I edit it in the database? Does anyone have some ready SQL statements or at least know where it's stored?

I think product type is a Configuration Entity and I'm now searching where these are stored in the database.

I've found something in

SELECT * from `drupal_config` WHERE name LIKE "commerce_product.commerce_product_type%";
SELECT * from `drupal_key_value` WHERE collection="config.entity.key_store.commerce_product_type";

but the data columns there are longblob.

Update: with the next SQL I can confirm that original language is stored in the "config" table:

SELECT collection,name,CAST(data as CHAR) from `drupal_config` WHERE name LIKE "commerce_product.commerce_product_type%";

Update: even after editing the longblob value and setting langcode to en it's still not English original in the admin interface.

Update: just had to clear the cache, it's now changed.

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Since I haven't found any easy way I had to edit it in the database manually and clear the cache after that.


It's easy with exporting at

/admin/config/development/configuration/single/export and importing at


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