How do I code a function for sending mail containing a rendered entity that is referenced from a field?

I have content type A that contains static information, and content type B that users create and reference to the corresponding content type A node instead of writing everything manually. In a custom module I have some code for sending mail notifications containing info in a content type B node, but now the client wants some info from the referenced content type A node.

The line of code that I have a problem is this:

$avtal_id = $node->field_avtalsnummer['und'][0]['value'];

field_avtalsnummer is the reference field in content type B that points to a node of type A and $avtal_id is used in the mail (plain-text). All other fields in the custom module works fine, but for some reason that I don't fully understand I can't get this to work. If I change value to target_id i get the node ID but I can't get the value. Title does not work either. Do I need some code to load the entity first? The optimal solution for me would be to get the info from the referenced field and to display a custom view mode so that I can customise the mail notification accordingly to my clients demands, but I can't even get the value of of the referenced field to work so I'm running out of ideas. Help is very appreciated!

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You need to use target_id to get the node id, then load the node and get the fields values you want.

$avtal_id = $node->field_avtalsnummer[LANGUAGE_NONE][0]['target_id'];
$avtal_node = node_load($avtal_id);

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