I am using an @javascript test in Behat on CircleCI to check my Drupal 8 site.

When I use the standard I fill in "my field" with "value" step, it works for fields with the plain text format, but it fails for fields that use CKEditor.

How can I fill in fields on CKEditor?

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This doesn't yet have official support in the Drupal Extension. The linked thread has some examples that use traits.

However, I found this gist by johnennewdeeson to be a faster, easier solution for me, just cut and paste into FeatureContext.php:

   * @Then I fill in wysiwyg on field :locator with :value
  public function iFillInWysiwygOnFieldWith($locator, $value) {
    $el = $this->getSession()->getPage()->findField($locator);

    if (empty($el)) {
      throw new ExpectationException('Could not find WYSIWYG with locator: ' . $locator, $this->getSession());

    $fieldId = $el->getAttribute('id');

    if (empty($fieldId)) {
      throw new Exception('Could not find an id for field with locator: ' . $locator);


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