I'm trying to speed up a functional Drupal test. Given a test...

  public function the_front_page_loads_for_anonymous_users() {
      ->set('page.front', '/node')


    $assert = $this->assertSession();
    $assert->pageTextContains('Welcome to Drupal');
    $assert->pageTextContains('No front page content has been created yet.');

This test runs really slow against my database ... 2+ mins.

If I use a test sqlite database, it drops to around 1.6 mins <env name="SIMPLETEST_DB" value="sqlite://localhost/logs/test.sqlite"/>

If I use a in-memory database, <env name="SIMPLETEST_DB" value="sqlite://localhost/:memory:"/>, Drupal detects no database and runs install.php

How can I set up an sqlite memory database to improve test speeds?


On Linux, we use sqlite://localhost/dev/shm/test.sqlite where /dev/shm is memory mapped

  • OK ... unfortunately I'm on a work PC, which runs Win10 and I have been unable to get hardware virtualization working which prevents me from using WSL2. – tyler36 Dec 4 '20 at 7:02
  • Thank you for sharing your approach though. I appreciate it. Hopefully, next upgrade cycle, I can implment a Docker or WSL2 solution. I'll be sure your try out your method. :) – tyler36 Dec 4 '20 at 7:07

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