I have installed Barrio Bootstrap (8.x-4.33) and it worked so far. But I can't override a template for a specific node type. I copied the original template into my subtheme/template folder and named it like suggested in the FILE NAME SUGGESTION (debug mode). E.g.: bs-2col-bricked--node-cuba-casa-particular-full.html.twig

This doesn't work.

Only when I name it like the original file bs-2col-bricked.html.twig it works.

I tried also 5.1.4, but it's the same. Anything wrong with the FILE NAME SUGGESTIONS?

In my Bootstrap3 theme it worked.

Can anybody help, please.

  • Did you enable Twig debugging and can you see the template suggestions printed as HTML comments when you inspect the markup?
    – leymannx
    Nov 22, 2020 at 18:58
  • Yes Twig debugging is enabled and I see the comments in the source code. A bit of light: It seems so, that I only can override the "basic" templates. I tried with node.html.twig and this worked with node--cuba-casa-particular--full.html.twig Display suite and Bootstrap Layout templates doesn't, although FILE NAME SUGGESTIONS show suggestions. I guess, this is because Bootstrap 4 doesn't work with DS and Bootstrap Layout.
    – Breaky
    Nov 22, 2020 at 21:13

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My solution was to turn off the layout ('Manage display' --> 'Select a layout' --> 'none'). Now the debug mode FILE NAME SUGGESTIONS showed the correct suggestions. I was able to override the 'node.html.twig' in my subtheme (in my case with 'node--CONTENT-TYPE--full.html.twig')from 'themes/bootstrap_barrio/templates/content/'.

Neither the FILE NAME SUGGESTIONS for the DS (8.x-3.9) nor the Bootstrap Layouts (8.x-5.2) were working (the one you see in debug mode, when one of those layouts is selected in 'Manage display').

Maybe there is a better way ...

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