I'm experiencing an issue on multiple sites where (image) media aren’t appearing in blocks despite working fine in node fields.

I first thought it only happened to me when using the linkicon module, but since then i created a custom block type for image blocks (using entity reference media fields) and the same thing happens, ie. the html renders nothing:

<div class="content"></div>

There's no problem rendering the fields in nodes on the same sites using the exact same display settings.

I've checked both the media, block and block_content logs and they show no errors.

My setup:

  • Drupal 8.9.7
  • Barrio 5.1.3
  • Local environment running on ddev
  • Remote environment running on cloudways

Any ideas what the issue might be?

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This turned out to be a conflict with the songkick module. I'm a maintainer so I'll make sure the issue is handled and post further updates in the issue cue on Drupal.org here.

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