I've been troubleshooting a memcache issue on our Drupal 7 site and in the process the front end CSS broke, meaning all content was unstyled.

The Chrome console has a message:

The resource from “/sites/all/themes/mbm/css/style.scss?qktcrf” was blocked due to MIME type (“application/octet-stream”) mismatch (X-Content-Type-Options: nosniff).

Should Drupal be using a .scss file on the front end?

If not, how would I determine where the breakdown of the .scss being converted to a .css file occurs?

Help appreciated. Steve

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    Normally the scss file is compiled into CSS as part of the build process. How that's done will depend on your project setup. Have a look into compiling SASS for more examples. Dec 5, 2020 at 9:14

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Pretty sure that the scss files should be in a scss folder, and not the css folder.


No, scss files cannot be used by the browser as css. Sounds like something is declaring that as an asset or mistakenly adding it via drupal_add_css.


Seems to me like the requested file cannot be found ("masked" HTTP 404) ..

And yes - there should no .scss file be requested at all.

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