I have come to an impasse in the development.

MY GOAL: Setup department pages on the site, giving editing access to specific LDAP roles Creating workflow for the data(draft,review,publish). Creating private content for department users.

My Solution(SO FAR):

I have the LDAP module install on our D7 site. I am mapping LDAP fields to the profiles and roles, Using LDAP queries with a view to display a "staff" page.

I have tinkered around with OG, Workbench, Workflow, TAC and TAC_lite. SO FAR NONE really meet the control and goals we have set out to obtain.

I am hoping that there is someone out here that has conquered a similar setup and could impart some of their wisdom on me.

All constructive thoughts will be appreciated

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Well after much trial and error which included rebuilding permissions more times that I want to count. I came up with a solution based on the following link:


A combination of Taxononmy Access Control and Taxonomy on content type, which allows for a almost module-less solution.

Hope this helps someone else.

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