I have a paragraph type my_paragraph which is attached to a node type my_content_type on multiple fields like field_a, field_b, field_c, field_d. I want to load only those attached to some specific fields, let's say field_a and field_c. I am using entityQuery, but open to other suggestions.

The entity/field structure is like:

my_content_type: Node
|_ field_a: Paragraph (type: my_paragraph)
|_ field_b: Paragraph (type: my_paragraph)
|_ field_c: Paragraph (type: my_paragraph)
|_ field_d: Paragraph (type: my_paragraph)

My code which loads all paragraphs of type:

  ->condition('type', 'my_paragraph')
  // Here I want to filter by the field name on the parent entity
  ->condition('PARENT_FIELD', ['field_a', 'field_c'], 'IN')
  // Some more conditions out of context
  ->condition('out_of_context_field', $out_of_context_value)

Is there any entity query condition I can use here?


Specifically with Paragraphs there are three extra fields directly on Paragraph level, which are accessible with EntityQuery: parent_id, parent_type (entity type like "node", not bundle name like "page"), parent_field_name

You can use those three with EQ like a normal field, e.g.

->condition('parent_field_name', ['field_a', 'field_c'], 'IN')

Notice that those three fields are only available for Paragraphs, it will not work with any other entity type.

  • Great, thanks! Exactly what I was looking for. Where is this documented? I googled about this for an hour and didn't find any documentation. – Елин Й. Dec 10 '20 at 12:03
  • 2
    I reckon the “documentation” will be reading the baseFieldDefinitions method of the paragraph entity type – Clive Dec 10 '20 at 12:18

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