I have a views page which has all the blog articles, and you can click on a link to bring you to a single blog page.

On that single blog page I want to be able to add buttons for Previous and Next post. Something like

<a class="white-btn" href="{{ previous.href }}">Previous Article</a>
 <a class="white-btn" href="{{ next.href }}">Next Article</a>

Is this possible?

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That is the exact feature of the Book module.

Book module overview

You can configure which types are allowed to be added as book pages. There is a Block you can place on Book pages to show Book navigation and Previous/Next links (it obeys the Book pages order).

Regular Views don't have a feature to center the Pager around a pagination placement.

A custom solution can be created to add that, but there are also modules you can check out that may help:

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