I have a view that lists nodes of a single content type, where the content type is given as contextual filter.

I'd like to add the name of the content type and a description to the header, for example as the following.

Content Type: Cooking

The Cooking content type is for cooking-related content

I can show the content type name by by adding a hidden field to the view and then using <h1>{{ type }}</h1> in the header, but I don't see such an option for the description.

Is there a way to achieve this?


Here's what you can do:

First, add then config the contextual filter like this: config the contextual filter to update the display's title

Then you update the header like this:

Update header using new display's title You can update the header status at this step also.

And then here is the result:

Result after updating the header

One more thing need you to handle:

The exception when the filter value is not in the url. Can it be your part?

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