I have an entity form with a dependent field. The dependent field is created following this guide and using Business Rules module.

Everything works fine, but now the form takes an insane amount of time to load (7011.24 ms) and makes an insane amount of queries (4040).

These queries come from business_rules.process and many of them are repeated. For example, this one SELECT name, value FROM key_value_expire WHERE collection = :collection AND expire > :now is made 1287 times.

If I disable the Bussines Rules module or remove the dependent field, everything goes to normal, with ~120 queries and normal form loading time.

Is there something I am missing? If not, any alternatives to make a dependent field?

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    I think it is best to raise a bug in the Business Rules issue queue for the maintainers to look into – baikho Jan 9 at 11:50
  • Okay, I'll do it. – GJW80 Jan 9 at 19:04

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