I am trying to add a new bundle field into my custom entity, I added the following code into the MyCustomEntity.php file, I uninstalled my module, so, I installed it again, the field is showing up on the view, but in my data base the field is not added.

Could you please support me?

$fields['new_name'] = BaseFieldDefinition::create('text_long')
  ->setLabel(t('New Name'))
  ->setDisplayOptions('form', [
    'type' => 'text_textarea',

Thank you, I will really appreciate your support.


For the Entity base field update, You'll need to also add an update hook to apply it

For example:

Installing a new field storage definition

use Drupal\Core\Field\BaseFieldDefinition;

 * Implements hook_update_N
function example_update_8701() {
  $bundle = 'article';
  $field_storage_definition = BaseFieldDefinition::create('text_long')
  ->setLabel(t('New Name'))
  ->setDisplayOptions('form', [
    'type' => 'text_textarea',

    ->installFieldStorageDefinition('new_name', 'node', 'EXAMPLE_MODULE', $field_storage_definition);

Documentation: https://www.drupal.org/node/3034742

  • it does not work for me – Karen Gonzalez Jan 12 at 21:13
  • Make sure the bundle param matches, it should add a field to the article node type. – David Thomas Jan 12 at 22:21
  • 1
    thank you! it works now – Karen Gonzalez Jan 13 at 18:02

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