I can't get my head around the following. I'm using the Geolocation module to show a map on my website and I want the InfoWindow to be open by default.

I found that this should be possible by using the following code: infoWindow.open(map,marker);

Or as the geolocation module does: infoWindow.open(that.googleMap);

But because I don't create the markers and infoWindows I don't know what there name is. I tried figuring it out by looking at the code of the Geolocation module by can't seem to find it out. How do I loop passed all markers en infoWindows to open them when the map is fully loaded?

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I did some more digging around in the module and decided to not build to loop but just use the one existing in the module. So I created a patch for Geolocation modules adding this line

currentInfoWindow.open(map.googleMap, currentMarker);

To line 83 of the geolocation-marker-infowindow.js file.

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