My nodes contain an entity reference field, Ref Term. I want to fetch a list of nodes that have a specific term with jsonapi.

In jsonapi, when I fetch nodes, the field with the taxonomy term reference is returned like this:

"field_ref_term": {
"type": "taxonomy_term--my_vocabulary",
"id": "b1a97358-9834-499d-aee0-ebb0302fb2c3"

So, first, I tried this:


However, that gave me an error:

"title": "Bad Request",
"status": "400",
"detail": "Invalid nested filtering. The field `field_ref_term`, given in the path `field_ref_term` is incomplete, it must end with one of the following specifiers: `id`.",

So I tried adding [id]:


That gave me a different error:

"detail": "You must provide a valid filter condition. Check that you have set the required keys for your filter.",

So I tried a longer version:


That gave me the first error again. I read the documentation on filtering.

How can I filter my nodes based on which are tagged with a specific taxonomy term? (In my case, each node has one and only one taxonomy term in its entity reference field.)

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You were close, but your syntax was off. This is documented further down in your linked page, in the Filter Examples > Get nodes by a value of a entity reference section.



So, in your example, you'd need to use:



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