I created a custom block named "Alert Bar" in the "navigation" region and I want to render it in my header file.

My header file currently has code like this to render the blocks -

{% if page.navigation or page.navigation_collapsible %}
  {% block navbar %}
    {% if no_head != 'true' %}
      {% include '@eventsns/components/navbar.html.twig' with incs %}
    {% endif %}
  {% endblock %}

Can I do something like {% block alertbar %} to display the alert bar block? The machine name says it is "alertbar" but I'm not sure if that's the correct variable since it does not render anything.

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    block in twig is not the same as block in drupal, if that's what you are thinking.
    – Kevin
    Commented Jan 27, 2021 at 23:37

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  1. block in twig are a "placedholder" to re-use text. They aren't drupal blocks
  2. The easiest way as far I know to print a block is to use twig tweak module. The could should be {{ drupal_entity('block', 'block_id', check_access=false) }}

If you're rendering a custom block, you might want to use block_content instead.

  1. Block: {{ drupal_entity('block', 'block_id', check_access=false) }}
  2. Block Content: {{ drupal_entity('block_content', 'content_block_id') }}

Documentation: Rendering Blocks with Twig

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