I installed Drush 8 using cgr (which is a safer replacement for composer global require):

cgr drush/drush:8.x-dev --prefer-source

But now I also want to install Drush 9 for certain sites. Is there a way to switch between Drush 8 and 9 easily?

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    It's all about site local drush these days - installing 8 globally is fine, it will automatically switch to using the local site version when one is available – Clive Jan 27 at 20:24

As you probably know newer Drush versions have to be installed locally. Go ahead with installing Drush 10 (Drush 9 is EOL) for certain sites. The globally installed Drush acts as Drush Launcher and will find local Drush installs.

  • Really? You don't need the Drush Launcher at all anymore? Drush itself acts as a Drush Launcher? How cool is that? – leymannx Jan 27 at 20:33
  • OK, if you don't need Drush 8 anymore you probably shouldn't install the legacy version and use the much leaner Drush Launcher instead. – 4k4 Jan 27 at 20:36
  • Ah okay, but if I have uncomposerized D7s laying around global Drush 8 is the way to go to act as a Launcher on the Composer projects. Nice! – leymannx Jan 28 at 15:33

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