I have a drupal 9 website where I created a View "Homepage - article overview". On the homepage I have paragraphs enabled (text/image | 2 columns | 4 columns | Full width image).

I want to be able to show that view I created as being on of the paragraphs. So I can always determine the order of the different pieces.

Is there a module that can tackle this, or do I need to dive in the code?

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    Can't tell are you looking for drupal.org/project/block_field to add a (Views-)block to a paragraph or are you looking for drupal.org/project/draggableviews to determine the sort order of the articles in a reference view yourself? – leymannx Jan 28 at 15:18
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    There are also Views Reference Field and Viewfield modules to reference view displays directly. I've used both with success (Views Reference Field v1.x only), though I think I'd lean toward viewfield at this point. – sonfd Jan 28 at 15:32
  • @leymannx block_field was exactly what I needed... I spent a few hours google'ing without finding this.. Thanks so much!!! – Koen Steenhout Jan 28 at 18:24

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