I would like to filter a search_api based view using the current user's roles as input. I don't see a contextual filter for the current user in my search_api based content view at all. How can I accomplish something like the "Published or has role" feature of this contrib module? This one seems to only work on non-search_api views.

  • Try adding a Relationship for User ID, then the Contextual may appear. Sorry I haven't checked this, flying blind for now. – prkos Jan 29 at 17:21
  • @prkos There is an option to add a relationship to the Author but I am not interested in the Author. I just want the current site user. – lolcode Jan 29 at 19:02
  • What is the connection between user roles and your content? – prkos Jan 29 at 19:45
  • If they are staff they can see it even if it is unpublished. If not the view should be filtered by published. I can't use the trick of putting two views on one path since this view is embedded in a block field. – lolcode Jan 29 at 20:06
  • 1
    This sounds like a node access issue. If you have node access properly sorted out so that only appropriate roles see restricted content Views will honor that. – prkos Jan 29 at 23:29

Thanks to @prkos reminding me that this is a regular node access setup issue. This was solved when I found this issue in the search_api queue about incompatibility with "View All Unpublshed content"

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