I am working on one custom module to alter the fields labels of user login form for visitors. I created a module to alter the labels in the user login form. The French language is enabled on the setup.

I am trying to translate the field labels on the user login form to French. I am using the following approach in a module.

I have included the namespace with use Drupal\Core\StringTranslation. After that, I have debugged the $form variable inside hook_form_alter().

From this debugged variable, I am trying to translate the filed label 'E-mail' to French.

function hook_form_alter ({here goes all the parameters of alter hooks}){
  $form['name']['#title'] = t('E-mail');

I am not able to see the translated Email field label on the user login form.

Am I missing anything? What should I do to translate the strings using hook_form_alter()?


you have find and add your translation string here : admin/config/regional/translate

  • Thanks, this is working. But If i want to do it by including name space then which one I can include? Feb 1 at 10:38

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