I have created a composite element where I added a custom textarea field in the element settings.

I have added that element in a webform, filled that textarea and saved the webform.

Now I want to translate the webform, But when I go the webform translations, I am unable to translate the value of that text area.

Is there any way to translate the value of that text area?

 * Provides a booking element.
 * @WebformElement(
 *   id = "my_element",
 *   label = @Translation("My element"),
 *   category = @Translation("Composite elements"),
 *   multiline = TRUE,
 *   composite = TRUE,
 *   states_wrapper = TRUE,
 * )
class Myelement extends WebformCompositeBase {
  public function form(array $form, FormStateInterface $form_state): array {
    $form = parent::form($form, $form_state);

    $form['element']['booking_email'] = [
      '#type' => 'textarea',
      '#title' => $this->t('some content'),
      '#weight' => '0',

    return $form;

Here is the backend of the element settings. enter image description here

And here is the webform translation interface. I can't see my textarea field so that I can translate its content. I only see the composite element key and title. enter image description here

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You need to create a schema config file to make them translatable.

I have done it like this by creating my_module.plugin.handler.schema.yml file in my my_module/config/schema directory.

  type: mapping
  label: Booking email
      label: 'Something'
      type: text

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