Taxonomy terms have a canonical path of /taxonomy/term/{taxonomy_term} by default, which displays a View with content tagged with that term.

For certain taxonomies I would like to use a different view, dependent on the taxonomy bundle, so I can't just override the path entirely.

For example, "article" tags should link to /articles/{taxonomy_term}, "product" tags to /products/{taxonomy_term}.

My idea is to override the entity.taxonomy_term.canonical route adding some kind of callback that generates the path dynamically based on the taxonomy_term. Is this possible?

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    Taxonomy terms have a canonical path of /taxonomy/term/{taxonomy_term} by default, which displays a View with content tagged with that term. That's not quite right - the term page is powered by a template like any standard entity. There is also a View included with core (disabled by default) that can take over that path. But they're different things. If you're using the View, and you override entity.taxonomy_term.canonical, nothing will happen - the View's route will win – Clive Feb 2 at 12:03
  • True, but I think the taxonomy View is activated by default, no? – Tim Feb 2 at 13:28
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    I guess it depends which installation profile you use – Clive Feb 2 at 13:29

I don't believe that there is any need for custom route manipulation in your case, and besides, while I am not entirely sure, I don't think that something like what you describe, would actually work, since then you might have issues with the view's contextual filtering.

I believe the TVI Module is the answer to your problem. It can be used to specify the view/views that will be used in the vocabularies of your choice.

  • Thanks for the tip. They're manipulating the route to use a customer controller that renders the required view, but I guess that the path stays the same. I basically want to rewrite the URLs for certain taxonomy tags, so maybe an outgoing path processor... – Tim Feb 2 at 13:28
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    Well i guess you could, but i don't understand why you should. If you do indeed install the module... you can solve your issue with some clicks. Then again if you will have a bunch of views and/or want a more dynamic approach to the view naming, then i guess you are right. But I really think that in any other case, I would just install the module, since the extra work would not justify the gain of implementing something more "lightweight". In short: Unless you have a strict policy on contrib modules, I would recommend just using the TVI module to achieve your goal. Best Regards, hope I helped. – M.Anagnostopoulos Feb 2 at 14:37

I used a path processor service to rewrite the outgoing paths for taxonomy terms that belong to a specific bundle.


namespace Drupal\my_module\PathProcessor;

use Drupal\Core\PathProcessor\OutboundPathProcessorInterface;
use Drupal\Core\Render\BubbleableMetadata;
use Drupal\Core\Url;
use Symfony\Component\HttpFoundation\Request;

 * Path processor to redirect taxonomy paths to a view with contextual arg.
class TaxonomyPathProcessor implements OutboundPathProcessorInterface {

   * {@inheritdoc}
  public function processOutbound($path, &$options = [], Request $request = NULL, BubbleableMetadata $bubbleable_metadata = NULL) {
    if (isset($options['entity_type'], $options['entity']) && $options['entity_type'] === 'taxonomy_term') {
      /** @var Drupal\taxonomy\Entity\Term $entity */
      $entity = $options['entity'];
      if ($entity->bundle() === 'article_tags') {
        $url = Url::fromRoute('view.articles.page_1', ['arg_0' => $entity->id()]);
        return $url->toString();

    return $path;


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