I am using paragraphs on a multilingual Drupal 9 page. Everything is working fine, I can translate basic pages with paragraphs to get a multilingual node.

I have now enabled the Paragraphs Library sub module, but I can't enable the language support for that.

  • When creating a new paragraph library item at /admin/content/paragraphs/add/default there is no language selector. Library items are always in the page's default language: English. Add Paragraphs library item without language selector
  • In the "Paragraphs library item settings - Manage form display" the default field "Language" with the widget "Language select" is present. (/admin/config/content/paragraphs_library_item/form-display) Manage form display with langauge field
  • In "Configuration - Regional and language" at /admin/config/regional/content-language there is a check box for "Paragraphs library item". If I tick this checkbox and save the page, it reloads and the tick is gone. I'm not able to enable "Paragraphs library item" in "Custom language settings" here. I do not get any error in the "Recent log messages" either. Content language settings
  • Below on this same page (/admin/config/regional/content-language) there is the default paragraph type entry "From library". I have enabled this like I did with my other paragraphs. Paragraph Type From library

What am I missing to enable language support for paragraphs library items? Thank you for you help and suggestions in advance!

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