I need to add an Icon to a layout added by a contrib module. But I see it is adding the layout via plugin PHP file instead of layouts.yml. The annotation looks like following

 * A very advanced custom layout.
 * @Layout(
 *   id = "lb_tabs_tabs",
 *   label = @Translation("Tabs"),
 *   category = @Translation("Effects"),
 *   path = "layouts/tabs",
 *   template = "lb-tabs-tabs",
 *   icon_map = ""
 * )

I don't know how to represent the multidimensional array into this annotation form. When I tried simple [['region', 'region']] form it errored [Syntax Error] Expected PlainValue, got '[' .

tried @Array(@Array('region', 'region')) as well but got

Syntax Error] Expected Doctrine\Common\Annotations\DocLexer::T_CLOSE_PARENTHESIS, got '(' .

What is the correct way to add an icon_map there?

Also tried adding layouts.yml and moving these values to yml and the layout option just disappeared as a whole`.


You can do this via the layout alter hook ( hook_layout_alter(&$definitions) ). The definitions variable is an array of all the defined layouts keyed by the layout machine name.

The value here is a Drupal\Core\Layout\LayoutDefinition object. This has a setIconMap method. You can pass this an array of arrays that define the icon.

E.g. if the yml format is:

- [top]
- [first, second]
- [bottom]

the value is something like:

$map = [
  ['first', 'second'],

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