I am working on a big Drupal 7 commerce site and I have some issues with the commerce discount module on order discount. Both Drupal 7, commerce, commerce discount and rules is on newest stable releases.

When going through the checkout and a order discount is attached to the order (either with a discount code or direct) it's visible in the commerce_order_total_data field in the field_data_commerce_order_total table.

When going from checkout_review -> payment the discount is suddenly removed from this order and not getting back.

Cannot figure out what caused this neighter where it happens.

And a sitecomment here is that it works on dev and stage server, but not production (same code and every thing).


There's no real way for anyone to answer this without being part of your site and debugging along side of you. The best I can do is say look into what about the production configuration might cause conditions that must be met for those order items to be created / updated to no longer apply. 🤷🏼‍♂️

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