I have a node created (using Default content) as part of the site install and it is available to edit at node/[nid]/edit. However, this node holds some of the site-specific content (for example, content to display on sitewide banner) and should be available under the site configuration section instead of node/[nid]/edit so that I can restrict the edit access with specific permission.

Why not the configuration/settings form? Because the node type has rich fields like image upload, entity reference, etc, and would be nice to use the node/entity's field API and display modes.

Is there a way to get the edit page of just this node at /admin/config/system/banner-settings?

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Create a new menu item in a custom module

# mymodule.routing.yml

  path: /admin/config/system/banner-settings/{node}
    _entity_form: node.edit
    # Copy UUID from exported default content.
    node: 05d6a9e5-6e78-42bb-b3fe-b9a6344f4022
    _entity_access: node.update
    # Custom permission check.
    _permission: 'administer site banner configuration'
    _admin_route: true
    _node_operation_route: true
        type: 'entity:node'
        # Part of jsonapi module.
        converter: paramconverter.jsonapi.entity_uuid

Visiting /admin/config/system/banner-settings would take the default UUID value from the route and renders the form.

P.S: After saving the form it would redirect back to node/[nid] and this can be avoided by passing ?destination=<your path> in the link.

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