First off, i'm very new to Drupal. Kindly help me and forgive if im being a noob.

Im using the module - Entityqueue https://www.drupal.org/project/entityqueue

Im created a view block for a entity queue that gets specific blog articles.

The problem im facing is that, this view only gets the blog title, and not the other custom fields within each blog.

Is there anyway to get the custom fields also ?

Thank you for your support.

EDIT: Please see below for screnshot of what i've done.

Entityqueue enter image description here

View Block enter image description here

If i select fields below, it doesn't get the custom field that are in the blog article. enter image description here

  • "The blog title"-- Do you mean the blog post title or the title of the blog itself? You probably need to add the other fields in the View block under Content, but it's difficult to say without seeing your view configuration. Can you post a screenshot of the Views administration page for your block? – Patrick Kenny Feb 18 at 1:06
  • @PatrickKenny Hello, thanks for your reply. I meant the blog post title. I've added the screenshot of my view for your kind reference. – Thowzif Feb 18 at 13:55
  • I now understand that it can done using "Relationships" in the advanced settings of view block above, but how? – Thowzif Feb 21 at 9:53

I have found a solution.

After you create the entity queue, go to view and create/edit a view block.

Select Relationship as Content queue, now you can get the fields in the fields section.

Hope this helps.

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