I'm building a module which implements hook_enable to create fields. But as I'm developing I noticed a error in my code causing fields to be created in a wrong way.

Is there a way to update these fields? preferably using code so I can also use this code to hide these fields from lets say a user profile once the module is disabled.

here's my code that I used to create those fields:

//calling my function
popover_create_user_field('field_firstname', 'Voornaam', 'textfield', 1);

 * field creator helper function
function popover_create_user_field($field_name, $field_label, $field_type, $visible_on_registration_form = 1) {
    // Check if our field is not already created.   
    if (!field_info_field($field_name)) {
        $field = array(
            'field_name' => $field_name, 
            'type' => 'text', 

        // Create the instance on the bundle.
        $instance = array(
            'field_name' => $field_name, 
            'entity_type' => 'user', 
            'label' => $field_label, 
            'bundle' => 'user',
            // If you don't set the "required" property then the field wont be required by default.
            'required' => TRUE,
            'settings' => array(
            // Here you inform either or not you want this field showing up on the registration form.
                'user_register_form' => $visible_on_registration_form,
            'widget' => array(
                'type' => $field_type,

Lets say I want to update the user_register_form visibility to 0 so it will be hidden.


You can use a combination of field_info_instance() and field_update_instance():

// Load the instance
$instance = field_info_instance('user', $field_name, 'user');

// Make whatever changes you need to, e.g.
$instance['settings']['user_register_form'] = 0;

// And save it again

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