I is possible to:

  1. Hook on views_pre_view (which is executed before form_alter)
  2. Query view data (execute the view query filtering according to URL parameters) and collect some data
  3. Hook on form_alter
  4. Replace some selects using data collected on item 2?

I'm asking because if I $view->execute() inside views_pre_view (to filter and use view data) it will internally call form_alter and generate the form before I'm able to collect the data to pre-populate my selects. And I'm not sure if it's possible to re-generate a form that was already generated.

I also tried views_pre_execute but this one is always executed after form_alter.


  • Hi, may you be so kind to rephrase your question? I am unsure about which is the final goal of this task. Are you willing to, given a view result, modify a form and insert some data from the view? Are you willing to modify exposed filters? Is something different? I don't fully understand the question.
    – jbarrio
    Feb 23, 2021 at 10:05

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The only way I found for now was to, inside views_pre_view, deep clone the $view object using $view = unserialize(serialize($_view)), so when Drupal passes again on form_alter the form would be untouched and I can just recreate some selects.

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