How I go about implementing editorial workflows within a group of users? I have user identified with a taxonomy term, for example, a per country or per team-based group.

To simplify configuration and avoid adding more extensions, I went about creating a taxonomy, e.g. "Groups", within that I have the groups, e.g. "Group A" and "Group B" and then each user is related to that group through a field in the user Account Settings.

Team A

  • John Doe - role: Author - taxonomy: Team A
  • Jane Doe - role: Reviewer - taxonomy: Team A

Team B

  • Jake Ryan - role: Author - taxonomy: Team B
  • Joane Ryan - role: Reviewer - taxonomy: Team B

My objective is that when John Doe creates content, the workflow only emails the Reviewer of that group: Jane Doe.

I do struggle to understand the group module. From what I've heard about it, I guess it would solve all my problems, but I'm having a lot of difficulties finding information (tutorials, documentation) that would allow me to grasp all the concepts this module introduces.

  • From what i understand there are at least two issues related to content moderation in group module issue queue. They are around extending the content moderation module permissions into group roles. You'd have to track those down and follow the progress to get a picture of whats going on. Further, when using the group module you do not need taxonomy, instead group types. Maybe you want Permission by term module? That might meet your needs without having to use Group module. If you do go down that route, look into permission rebuild progressive module as well for a companion. Feb 25 at 18:48

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