How to change the sender email id for some emails, using hook_mail_alter. The default SMTP configured email ID is '[email protected]'

The subject gets altered correctly using the hook_mail_alter, however, the email which I receive is still from the default configured email '[email protected]'.

function test_mail_alter(&$message) {
 switch ($message['key']) {
  case 'activation':
    $from = "[email protected]" ;
    $message['from'] = $from;
    $message['headers']['From'] = $from;
    $message['headers']['Sender'] = $from;
    $message['headers']['Return-Path'] = $from;
    $message['subject'] = 123;


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According to the documentation:

 * Alter an email message created with MailManagerInterface->mail().
 * Hook hook_mail_alter() allows modification of email messages created and sent
 * with MailManagerInterface->mail(). Usage examples include adding and/or
 * changing message text, message fields, and message headers.
 * Email messages sent using functions other than MailManagerInterface->mail()
 * will not invoke hook_mail_alter(). For example, a contributed module directly
 * calling the MailInterface->mail() or PHP mail() function will not invoke
 * this hook. All core modules use MailManagerInterface->mail() for messaging,
 * it is best practice but not mandatory in contributed modules.

Can we check if the mail is sent MailManagerInterface->mail() like this and not any other way.

  • The subject gets altered and that confirms the hook is invoked Mar 1, 2021 at 2:03

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