I am using the Radix Bootstrap Theme and Drupal 9.1.5. I have a Navigation Block with Children (using Bootstrap Dropdown) and some JS in radix_aur_scipt.js. I use that JS to open a Bootstrap Modal

import 'bootstrap';


  function createPdfModal (element) {   

To use that JS I import bootstrap.min.js with Webpack

mix.js('src/js/radix_aur.script.js', 'js');
mix.copy('node_modules/bootstrap/dist/js/bootstrap.min.js', 'assets/js');

And radix_aur.libraries.yml

    assets/js/radix_aur.script.js: {}
    assets/js/bootstrap.min.js: {}

When I am logged in as admin everything works as expected (Dropdown opens, Modal opens). As a non admin user I cant open the dropdown in the navigation. So I imported bootstrap.bundle.min.js in webpack assuming that popper.js was missing. I forgott to change that in the radix_aur.libraries.yml which then didnt deliver bootstrap at all. However that fixed the problem with the dropdown for non admin users but then I cant open the modal

Uncaught TypeError: $(...).modal is not a function

When I realized my mistacke I changed the radix_aur.libraries.yml that fixed the problem for the modal but then I am left with not beeing able to open the dropdown as non admin. I also tried using bootstrap.min.js and popper.js with the same outcome.

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There were one additional import in the radix_aur_script.js

import bootstrap

I deleted that and then everything worked as expected with the bootstrap.bundle.min.js Still dont know why this would block the whole thing from working.

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