I am using Drupal 9 with twig files

I have a page where in one section I need to show thumbnails of the latest posts. So I created a new view as a block, and placed this block under Content in admin/structure/block/list/

When I inspect with debug on I get these file suggestions -

   * block--views-block--latest-news-block-1.html.twig
   * block--views-block--latest-news-block-1.html.twig
   * block--views-block.html.twig
   * block--views.html.twig
   x block.html.twig

So I created a file name block--views-block--latest-news-block-1.html.twig with the code from block.html.twig.

Inside that file I have -

    {% block content %}
      {{ content }}
    {% endblock %}

Which shows all the content in the block. I need to customize the content in the block though, some things need to be removed, I need to truncate the article text, need to add buttons.

I think I'd be able to do what I want if I could target specific parts of the content. I want to do something like this -

<div class="card">
     <h2>{{ content.title }}</h2>
     <p>{{ content.body }}</p>

Is there a way to target specific parts of the content like that? 

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Normally it works that way but Views templates may be different.

  1. Enable Twig debugging.
  2. Add Devel and Kint: composer require drupal/devel kint-php/kint
  3. Enable Devel: drush -y en devel
  4. Inside the template put {{ kint(content) }}, flush caches, visit the page and you should see what else can be found inside content.

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