I have a content type: classroom

I have another content type: lesson

Lesson nodes have an entity reference field (field_classroom) that reference classrooms.

I want to create a view that outputs a table like this:

Classroom Number of lessons
Leicester Square 5
Piccadilly Circus 8
London Bridge 0

So, there are five lesson nodes that reference the "Leicester Square" classroom (all the classrooms are named after places in London), 8 that reference the classroom named Piccadilly Circus, and 0 lesson nodes referencing London Bridge.

Is there a way to achieve this in views?

I'm playing around with relationships and aggregation but I can't get it to work.

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Silly mistake. I had the relationship the wrong way round. Now it's working perfectly. These are the steps:

1.) Create a relationship: Content using field_classroom (not content referenced from field_classroom)

2.) Enable aggregation

3.) Add a field: field_classroom

4.) Use the relationship

5.) Set aggregation on the field to COUNT

And it works!

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