I want to show the profile and few content fields for a user profile. For this, I have used views module. Now the problem is that when I select imagecache preset to profile image(which I have defined as 150x200), the output is pathetic. It shows the profile images of around 63x63 size. I thought that the imagecache module might not be working. So I uninstalled and reinstalled the image and imagecache modules, but all in vain. Then I thought of checking into the imagecache folder whether the images are being resized, and to my amazement , the images inside sites/default/files/imagecache/profile_image/pictures/ folder were all of the dimension defined by me for profile image i.e 150x200 . So the problem seems to be only while these images are shown on the frontend.

Any idea about this?

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Go to this link your_url/admin/config/people/accounts

here you will see field "Picture upload dimensions" do not write any dimension in this field , save it and then add profile picture for user

this works in Drupal 7

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