I have a content type with CCK fields that make up contact information. I was asked to add a VCard / Add to outlook feature.

I have a few ideas on how to do this but not sure which one is good. My only actionable idea at the moment is to edit a template file for where it is displayed and create the vCard link within there. However, I also use these in views and I'm not sure if that would translate to the view (I think not)

Is there such a thing as a field that is totally generated? For instance, I could add a vcard field that would then take you to the generated vCard?

I know that there is a module for this but it seems to only work with user profiles.


Forgive me for a little self-promotion here, but I had the exact same issue a long time ago. This was the reason to build the Views vCards module.

This module aims to provide a vCard attachment for views in a similar way as the views built in feeds system does.

The existing vCards modules vCard and vCard Field work with either Profile2 data, or data the user has to enter himself. There was however no solution for websites that use the Core profile system. This module attempts to fill that gap. (But should in theory be able to use all content that views has access to.)

So this module works with data from nodes and other entities as well.


Like you said, there is a vcard module for user profiles, but there is also a vcard module for cck fields; you might want to try the module on a local test site, and check if there isn't any issue, as the usage statistics of this module is very low.

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