I have a special node type [I call it members] that includes a user reference field. The amount of user references that can be added to each members is unlimited.

But I need to add an extra information for each user that is added to each members node.

I am searching for a solution to put a text box input beside the node reference auto complete input. I mean each auto complete user reference field has a corresponding text box input.

Even when the manager click on add another button and new auto complete line is appeared at the end of rows, the new corresponding text box input must be located beside it.

Please help me

How can I do this.

  • Nobody has an idea?!?!?! – Mehrdad201 May 9 '12 at 18:34

I'd use field collections. In your members content type, create a field (say members collection) with multiple values. Then proceed to the field collections admin and add:

  1. the user reference field

  2. the textbox field

These two fields while creating the content type will now be 'one' with an 'add more' button under each.

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