I need to add 'class' and 'data-type' attributes to meta tag containing description attribute. I was able to locate the core Metatag module, however I'm unable to find any documentation on how to customize output without altering the core.


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function [your-theme]_page_attachments_alter(array &$attachments) {
  $attachments = SwiftypeMetaDescription::add($attachments);

 class SwiftypeMetaDescription{
       * @param array $attachments
       * @return array
      public static function add(array $attachments): array
        // check if $attachments contain html_head
        if (empty($attachments['#attached']['html_head'])) {
          return $attachments;
        // loop through HTML head
        foreach ($attachments['#attached']['html_head'] as $key => $attachment) {
          // check if element name is defined
          if (empty($attachment[1])) {
            // if it's not, skip element
          // if the element name equals 'description'
          if ($attachment[1] == 'description') {
            // add 'class' attribute
            $attachments['#attached']['html_head'][$key][0]['#attributes']['class'] = 'swiftype';
            // add 'data-type' attribute
            $attachments['#attached']['html_head'][$key][0]['#attributes']['data-type'] = 'string';
        return $attachments;

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