I using ShareThis module in a drupal7 website for a certain content type say 'news'. When a user hits a Facebook share button, the title and links are fetched correctly but the thumbnail image it chooses is wrong. I want my fbshare to pick my news image as its thumbnail image. Pls help.


Update: i got it worked using MPD's comment. i explicitly added og:image in my header. Below is my code. Hope it helps someone.

$element = array(
            '#tag' => 'meta',
            '#attributes' => array(
                 "property" => "og:image",
                 "content" => $imagePath,
  • when you say you added the above code to your header, which file is that specifically?
    – ibexy
    Jun 30, 2017 at 9:11

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Did you test the page with the Facebook Debugger? Remember that Facebook caches page info, so changes don't appear immediately. A side effect of the debugger is that it clears the cache when you test a URL, so changes get picked up.

If you wan to use a specific image, you need to be sure it explicitly has an og:image element in the header. I am pretty sure this is something that the Meta Tags module can do this for you.

  • thanks mpd for the Meta Tags link. it did add open graph meta tags for the title, and summary of the node, but not for the image. I think like you said i have to explicitly add og:image element in the header.
    – krishnan
    May 5, 2012 at 14:22

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