I am working on my first multilingual Drupal 9 website, and I face a challenge. I can't seem to get my contact webform elements translated. I am using Webform Version: 6.0.2. I have enabled translation on the content type, and I can translate the title, body, menu item fields. But I can't figure out how to translate the actual labels & placeholders of the form elements. I have watched this video (D8), but I do not have the Translate tab that he is using: https://www.videodrupal.org/video/20180321/translating-webforms

I suspect that there is some module og configuration setting that I am missing, but I can't figure out what it is, so any help would be appreciated. My available tabs are the same as the ones on the screenshot from the Webform module page: https://www.drupal.org/files/issues/2018-05-19/webfork-wizard-admin.png


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The form labels are part of the webform's configuration, and their translation is therefore handled by the Configuration Translation (machine name: config_translation) module. When that module is enabled, it will add the Translate tab.


you need to activate the configuration translation module. To activate it, log on to your site with an administrator account and go to: Extend: / admin / modules, and look for configuration translation. Select it and press the install button to activate, and then the translation tab for your site configuration will appear.

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