I am using Search API and Search API Solr modules on drupal 7. I have also drupal 8 and drupal 9 sites, and all those sites are indexed on the same solr index. So I need the same machine name for indexed fields on Solr index. For this purpose, I need to change marked machine names. Solr index field names are generated from those machine names. enter image description here For drupal 7 I can't find a field mapping solution like Search API field map module for drupal 8, 9. Is there any solution to override those fields' machine names in index creation? Thanks.

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My answer I found in search_api_solr module search_api_solr.api.php file. I used hook_search_api_solr_field_mapping_alter

 * Change the way the index's field names are mapped to Solr field names.
 * @param SearchApiIndex $index
 *   The index whose field mappings are altered.
 * @param array $fields
 *   An associative array containing the index field names mapped to their Solr
 *   counterparts. The special fields 'search_api_id' and 'search_api_relevance'
 *   are also included.
 function hook_search_api_solr_field_mapping_alter(SearchApiIndex $index, 
                                                               array &$fields) {
   if ($index->entity_type == 'node' && isset($fields['body:value'])) {
    $fields['body:value'] = 'tm_text';

Here you can add required Solr index field name('tm_text') for according field('body:value').

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