I'm currently upgrading my site from Drupal 7 to 8 and I'm having trouble with the pagination URLs.

On the Drupal 7 site we use the Clean Pagination module which changes views pagination to be /news/page/2 and so on.

With Drupal 8 the module was never completed and just redirects until the browser drops the connection.

As default the views use /news?page=2.

If I try to hit the old paginated URL on the new site I receive a 404. Obviously, this is not great for SEO when I have so many pages!

Any ideas on how I can implement an updated pagination URL structure?

  • You might create the redirects in your server configuration, or use Path aliases, Redirect module, or some other similar module, help with porting the Clean Pagination to D8 if you can. – prkos May 6 at 22:03

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